Sunday, March 22nd

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 10 AM: Meeting on Shared media covering of the FSM (Ejoussour, Ciranda, Flamme d’Afrique)


3:00 PM: Official Opening of WFFM.
=> Guarantees and violations of freedom of expression and right to communicate in the world and in the Maghreb-Mashreq region.
Along with:

  • Roberto Savio, founder and president emeritus of Inter Press Service (IPS)
  • Maria Moukrim, director of the website
    Coordinated by a representative of the WFFM organizations
    30 minutes for the debate

4PM: The fight for another communication and the World Charter of Media Free
=> Presentation of the dynamic of WFFM and discussion on the free media articulating perspectives
and the role of the World Charter as a struggle and mobilization tool.
Along with:

  • RITIMO (France)
  • Ejoussour (Maghreb)
  • Ciranda (Brazil)
    30 minutes for debate

18 PM Opening of interactive activities in the territory of WFFM
(These activities will take place throughout the WFFM and WSF):

  • Hacklab (March 22nd-28th: see programming on Website
  • Cine Medios Libres (March 22nd-28th): see programming on Website
  • Exhibition "The pencil and spray as weapons of denunciation" (March 22nd-28th)
  • Open meeting of shared coverage groups (March 22nd-28th)

5:30PM: Territory - Programming of hacklab, free-cinema, exhibition and working group(s)on the Charter

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