Monday, March 23rd

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11 am: Roundtable: “Drawing as tool of resistance, strengths and limitations”
The objective of this roundtable is to discuss with Tunisian, Moroccan, Brazilian and French cartoonists on the strengths and limitations of the cartoon: what is its role in the information process? What are its advantages? How can we consider it as a tool of resistance? On the other hand, cartoon asks questions as: forms of humor are universal when reference systems are not? How to avoid misinterpretations of messages? Under what conditions the cartoon can become counterproductive
and what can be done? Through their experiences, cartoonists and journalists will discuss these issues who question their daily practices and will demonstrate their use of drawing as a medium to comment, criticize and enlighten through laughter current events and serious or even dramatic situations.

With the participation of:

  • Sébastien Boistel, satirical journalist in Ravi (France)
  • Khaled Gueddar, cartoonist for several newspapers: Al Asr, Demain Magazine, formerly at Charlie Hebdo, Bakchich... (Morocco)
  • Nidhal Ghariani, newspaper cartoonist famous for his ERevolution project (Tunisia)
  • Carlos Latuff, cartoonist working for newspapers and Brazilian unions, especially known for his drawings dedicated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Brazil, subject to confirmation)


2PM – Working Groups on the World Charter of Free Media

3:30PM - Plenary session to finalize the Charter and recommendations of WFFM

5PM – Programming of hacklab, free-cinema, exhibition

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