March 28th

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Convergences Assembly for the Right to Communication (World Forum of Free Media)

The right of peoples and of every person to communicate is fundamental to the construction of just, free and democratic societies. But today the exercise of this right is threatened by economic power, subject to market interests and, in many countries, is denied by totalitarian governments. The access to media and technology resources, as well as the conditions under which they are provided, are determining factors for popular participation in contemporary society and for the populationRetour ligne automatique
awareness of the struggles that take place. The message "another world is possible", which comes from the struggles and alternatives encountered in the WSF process, depends on the full exercise of the right to communication to be part of the debate within society. Therefore, this right to communication is inseparable from all social struggles. Understanding this challenge, member associations of the World Forum of Free Media (E-Joussour, Ritimo, Ciranda, STRL, Panos Institute Novact, AMARC, Intervozes, Traversées, etc.), whose fourth edition will take place from MarchRetour ligne automatique
22nd to 28th in Tunis, invite all the movements and activists concerned about this issue and committed to the defense of freedom of expression, free internet and promotion of free media to participate in the Convergence Assembly on the right to communicate. It will be a time to build common strategies at the global level and face similar challenges in different parts of the world.Retour ligne automatique
During the Assembly the World Charter of Free Media will be launched and adopted.Retour ligne automatique
Participate in the construction of the Charter:

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