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From March 22nd to 28th

The 4th edition of the World Forum of Free Media (WFFM) will take place from March 22nd to 28th. This new edition begins two days before the World Social Forum and continues for the duration of it. The World Forum of Free Media was born as part of the World Social Forum through the encounter between activists in favor of freedom of expression and those engaged in the struggle for a different kind of information. These activists are involved in the history of countless experiences and in struggles fought by alternative media for the recognition of the right to communication.

This 4th edition is held two years after the last edition of WFFM that gathered bloggers, journalists, popular communicators, associations, audiovisual producers, developers, hackers and academic and independent researchers in Tunis.
Freedom of expression, monopolization of knowledge, internet governance, the role of community radio stations, the reappropriation of information, the issues around free software... are all themes that will be addressed at this 4th Forum.

This next edition of WFFM will also be the opportunity to participate in the construction of the World Charter of Free Media, which is a tool of struggle and advocacy for the various structures and organizations throughout the world which defend freedom of expression and the right to communication.

PLACE : ENIT and Tour O.BAHRI in EL MANAR University

Sunday, March 22nd


9 am: Meeting of shared coverage groups


3:00 PM: Official Opening of WFFM - l’amphi ANNABI
Introduction : Erika Campelo, Ritimo
=> Guarantees and violations of freedom of expression and right to communicate in the world and in the Maghreb-Mashreq region.
Along with:

  • Roberto Savio, founder and president emeritus of Inter Press Service (IPS)
  • Maria Moukrim, director of the website
  • Coordinated Nozha, STRL
    30 minutes for the debate

4PM: The fight for another communication and the World Charter of Media Free
=> Presentation of the dynamic of WFFM and discussion on the free media articulating perspectives
and the role of the World Charter as a struggle and mobilization tool.
Along with:

  • Beatriz Barbosa, Intervozes
  • Mohamed Legthas, E-joussour
  • François Soulard, Traversées
  • Coordinate : Myriam Merlant, Ritimo
    30 minutes for debate

6:00PM: Territory - Programming of hacklab, free-cinema, exhibition and working group(s)on the Charter

6.30 am: Opening of interactive activities in the territory of WFFM
(These activities will take place throughout the WFFM and WSF):

  • Hacklab (March 22nd-28th: see programming on Website
  • Cine Medios Libres (March 22nd-28th): see programming on Website
  • Exhibition "The pencil and spray as weapons of denunciation" (March 22nd-28th)

Monday, March 23rd



  • Hacklab: see programming on Website - ROOM 419
  • Self-managed activities: see programming on Website

11 am: Roundtable: “Drawing as tool of resistance, strengths and limitations” - Amphi ANNABI
The objective of this roundtable is to discuss with Tunisian, Moroccan, Brazilian and French cartoonists on the strengths and limitations of the cartoon: what is its role in the information process? What are its advantages? How can we consider it as a tool of resistance? On the other hand, cartoon asks questions as: forms of humor are universal when reference systems are not? How to avoid misinterpretations of messages? Under what conditions the cartoon can become counterproductive
and what can be done? Through their experiences, cartoonists and journalists will discuss these issues who question their daily practices and will demonstrate their use of drawing as a medium to comment, criticize and enlighten through laughter current events and serious or even dramatic situations.
With the participation of:

  • Sébastien Boistel, satirical journalist in Ravi (France)
  • Khaled Gueddar, cartoonist for several newspapers: Al Asr, Demain Magazine, formerly at Charlie Hebdo, Bakchich... (Morocco)
  • Nidhal Ghariani, newspaper cartoonist famous for his ERevolution project (Tunisia)
  • Carlos Latuff, cartoonist working for newspapers and Brazilian unions, especially known for his drawings dedicated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Brazil, subject to confirmation)
     Coordinate : Imane Bonjara, E-joussour


2PM – Working Groups on the World Charter of Free Media ROOM : 301, 320, 334, 201

3:30PM - Plenary session to finalize the Charter and recommendations of WFFM - amphi ANNABI

5PM – Programming of hacklab, free-cinema, exhibition

Wednesday, March 25th

11:30AM-2PM “Imagine a world without free media", organized by Ritimo, Ciranda and the World Forum of Free Media”

11:30AM-2PM “Measuring the Impact and Ensuring the Sustainability of Community Radio Practices” (Gretchen King, Media@McGill)

Thursday, March 26th

8:30-11AM: The role of Civil Society in the future of Internet - Venue: Casa Brazil

8:30-11AM: TRANSMESH - For an independent communication infrastructure - Venue:Room TD 17

11AM- 2PM: Civil Society and communication system - Venue: Casa Brazil

15AM - 17h30PM : The Internet We Want! “Organizing an Internet Social Forum – A Call to Occupy the Internet” at Amphi 4

Friday, March 27th

The media and people fighting for freedom, organized by Ciranda, Frente em Defensa do Povo Palestino and Mesopotamia Social Forum

March 28th

Convergences Assembly for the Right to Communication (World Forum of Free Media)
The right of peoples and of every person to communicate is fundamental to the construction of just, free and democratic societies. But today the exercise of this right is threatened by economic power, subject to market interests and, in many countries, is denied by totalitarian governments. The access to media and technology resources, as well as the conditions under which they are provided, are determining factors for popular participation in contemporary society and for the population
awareness of the struggles that take place. The message "another world is possible", which comes from the struggles and alternatives encountered in the WSF process, depends on the full exercise of the right to communication to be part of the debate within society. Therefore, this right to communication is inseparable from all social struggles. Understanding this challenge, member associations of the World Forum of Free Media (E-Joussour, Ritimo, Ciranda, STRL, Panos Institute Novact, AMARC, Intervozes, Traversées, etc.), whose fourth edition will take place from
March 22nd to 28th in Tunis, invite all the movements and activists concerned about this issue and committed to the defense of freedom of expression, free internet and promotion of free media to participate in the Convergence Assembly on the right to communicate. It will be a time to build common strategies at the global level and face similar challenges in different parts of the world.
During the Assembly the World Charter of Free Media will be launched and adopted.
Participate in the construction of the Charter:

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