Seminar in Montreal : "Conservative media and the Brazilian coup d’état"

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Rita Freire, president of the advisory board of the Brazilian Public Communication Corporation (EBC), Member of the International Council of the World Social Forum

Tuesday, April 26th 2016 : 5pm to 6h30pmRetour ligne automatique
McGill University - Ferrier Building Room 230 Retour ligne automatique
840 Dr Penfield

In recent months, Brazil has erupted in an economic and political crisis that has seen daily demonstrations. These events culminated in a vote held last week considering the impeachment of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff. In this situation, mass media controlled by economic and conservative elites have played a crucial role in festering this crisis by depicting a distorted representation of the situation. The case against the center-left Brazilian government is often presented as addressing corruption, yet no criminal accusations have been formally raised against the president. At the same time, the media are ignoring the many of opposition leaders who are facing corruption charges. The mobilizations depicted by the media are orchestrated by conservative movements in a way that has been described as a coup d’etat by politicians and journalists, such as Glenn Greenwald.

In this brief seminar, Rita Freire will present the current situation in Brazil with a particular emphasis on the role of conservative media in the Brazilian crisis. The seminar will also be the occasion to present activities related to alternative media and communication taking place during the next World Social Forum coming to Montreal this August, including the World Forum of Free Media.

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