Participate in the WSF from out of Tunis - Organize your WSF day in your country

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Information on Tunis Extended :

4 ways to participate in WSF from outside of Tunis

1 / Direct participation locally in local activities organized outside Tunis In your vicinity

These activities are visible here
updated list:

Country town address hours will be filled according to the instructions provided by the organizers of these activities in the activity form (if fields are added in this one) or writing to contact.extension at

The Tunis extended team provides on line support for local activity organizers "off Tunis" (one hundred for now see a list)
Contact us - Skype :
More information here :

The Tunis extended team suggests to all those who are not in Tunis to set up "WSF day (s) FSM in my town" on 26 27 28 29 30 March.

It is possible to include activities "outside Tunis," and therefore tele-meetings with Tunis, until 20 March.
more information here :

2 / Tele participation on Internet in activities held in Tunis

(Individual or group in the same room in the context of WSF day in your city)

This is about watching a live video broadcasting the activity while exchanging through written chat with a "liaison person" in this activity in Tunis

It is possible to tele-participate in activités that have chosen the option "enlarged from Tunis on the internet" and have prepared for that.

The list of activities that mean to enlarge is here

Updated list:

More information here :

3 / Tele visit of WSF El Manar on internet

Individual or group in the same room as part of the wsf day in your city
Activities on the Internet since expanded Tunis on internet

The team Tunis extended organizes in every morning afternoon and evening walk through "WSF El Manar seen by" people of geographic origin and different thematic interest.

This is walk through with interviews of participants etc. .. using Arabic-English French Italian and other languages (Spanish, Portuguese) with the help of people at Tunis.

These walks are filmed live on the internet with some opportunities for interaction during the visit (text chat or audio) - the tele-visit program is available here

More information here :

4 / Tele -meeting city X - Tunis
Between your group outside Tunis and Tunis participants, including your delegates in tunis, if any Tele-encounters are video conferences between two or more locations

"agora" is without predefined topic and allows for free and improvised - exchanges between the participants- it is well suited for activities "WSF day in my city", and for tele-encounters between cities and their delegates "echo Tunis" (see 1)

Tele-encounter "workshop" is centered on a topic announced in advance and prepared as other activities in El Manar campus

The list of tele encounters with their time slot is available here

It is possible to include activities "outside Tunis," and therefore tele-meetings with Tunis, until 20 March.

more information here :

(*) A Tunis extended team is set up with about 50 volunteers that will make possible 4 ways to participate in the WSF 2013 from outside Tunis

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