Call to Participate: III World Forum of Free Media (WFFM)

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The third edition of the World Free Media Forum will take place in Tunis
(El Manar Campus) from the 24th to 30th March 2013, at the World Social Forum
(26 - 30 March). The organisers have launched a call to participate to all
civil activists involved in community and non-profit media, journalists, citizens,

Free Media : A Lever for Building Democracy and Citizenship

After three forums in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro 2008, Vitória 2009 and
Porto Alegre 2012), three preparatory meetings in North Africa (Marrakech 2011,
Tunis 2012 and Marrakech 2013), two global editions (Belém 2009 and Rio de
Janeiro 2012) and a World Social Forum Joint Convergence Assembly (Dakar 2011),
free media have created a new opportunity to move forward with a third global
forum which will take place in Tunis from the 24th to 30th March 2013.

Several hundred free media representatives from around the world are now
preparing to meet in Tunis to participate in the third World Free Media Forum
(WFMF), taking place in Tunis from the 24th to 30th March 2013, with special attention
paid to non-profit and community radio.

In addition to covering the WSF’s activities and discussions, free media
will also have specific activities during the 3rd WFMF: self-managed activities,
training workshops, forums, conferences, discussions, media coverage, spaces
for expositions and documentation, joint convergence assembly, etc. A free
media village will be erected for the entire duration of the forum, with a
special section devoted to non-profit community radio.

Programme and Activities (tentative)

Under the heading of self-managed activities, a joint collective
programme, registered and organised by media collectives themselves and other
interested organisations, was developed along five themes: communication
rights, community radio, technological appropriation, regulation and freedom, and
diversity vs marginalisation.

24 March 2013 :
Roundtable on Opening the 3rd WFMF:
 Communication: Common Property
 Free Media: A Movement for Communication Rights
25 March 2013 • 1st World Social Forum for Non-Profit and Community Radio
• Training (videos, freeware, etc.)
26 March 2013: WSF Opening March
27-28 March 2013: 35 self-managed workshops along the themes of “free media”
and “communication rights”
29 March 2013: Joint Actions Convergence Assembly in favour of communication
rights strenthening freedom of expression
30 March 2013: WSF Closing Ceremonies

Free Media Village

A free media village will be erected for the entire duration of the
World Social Forum and the third World Free Media Forum. A team of journalists and
volunteers from around the world will be in charge of this space’s different
activities: media coverage, training, animation etc., with support from, among
others, E-joussour, the World Community
Radio Association (AMARC), Ciranda, IPS, The Panos Institute of West Africa

The free media village will have several spaces:

➢ Free Media Centre
The Centre for Free Media is a collaborative space open and dedicated to the
different medias that will be present, composed of two editing rooms allowing
journalists and volunteers to work on different paper and electronic publications
aligned with the World Social Forum (Flamme d’Afrique, Ciranda, E-joussour,
Ritimo, etc.), as well as being able to publish information on social media
(Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) and on free networks and platforms.

➢ Trainings Space
Training and exchange workshops will be given on techniques for making radio
capsules, from conception to production and broadcast.

➢ Capsules Souk
A space that will be specifically adapted for non-profit and community radio
from around the world, where “audio capsules” can be exchanged, as well as
broadcasts (reporting, interviews, etc.) that can be reused by individual radio
stations, as such or developed and adapted to their specific needs. These capsules
will be considered common property to be placed at the disposition of the

➢ Two Radio Studios
A space will be specifically dedicated to non-profit radio (on air and web)
which wish to cover WSF activities live or for rebroadcast, in several languages.
The space will be located in studios furnished with the necessary equipment for
recording, editing, production and broadcast.

➢ Television Production Set
A space will be dedicated to non-profit television (notably World Social Forum
TV) in order to create broadcast programmes, interviews etc. live or for
rebroadcast (Podcasts).

➢ Documentation Space
A free media library (with a special emphasis on non-profit/community radio) will
be set up in the Free Media Village. All participants will be able to exchange
documentation in different languages.

➢ Exposition Space
A special hommage will be dedicated to friends of free medias who have been
lost over the last several years, with a special emphasis on the Maghreb-Mashrik

In order to reach publics around the world, several languages will be
used: Arabic, French, English, Spanish, and
Portuguese. Other languages may be added.

Expected Results

• Free media and non-profit and community radio activists from around
the world will be trained in the basic techniques of radio;

• A dozen non-profit Tunisan radio stations will benefit from
radiophonic equipment acquired through the World Free Media Forum;

• A synergy between free media activists and non-profit community radio
will be created as well as networks among activists;

• Campaign strategies in support of communication rights will be
discussed and planned;

• Free media activists will identify common international concerns and
struggles in strengthening communication rights around the world ;

• A synergy between participants in the Maghreb-Mashrik region and
around the world will be created to reinforce struggles for communication rights
in the region;

• The groundwork will be laid for the 4th edition of the WFMF.

Thank you for confirming your participation with us by sending the
following to this address: :

Last Name/First
Name :
Country :
Organisation represented :
Working Language :

by Danica Jorden

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