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19 November 2014

North Africa and Middle East Debate Free Media World Chart

The 2nd International Seminar of the World Free Media Forum in 2014 promotes debates with communicators from Tunisia and community broadcasters across the region The second seminar for the construction of a Free Media World Letter, part of the (…)

15 March 2013

Participate in the WSF from out of Tunis - Organize your WSF day in your country

Information on Tunis Extended : 4 ways to participate in WSF from outside of Tunis 1 / Direct participation locally in local activities organized outside Tunis In your vicinity These activities are visible (…)

1 March 2013

History of the WFFM

All began in Belem, 2009, during the first World Forum of Free Media organised alongside the more established, World Social Forum (WSF). The initial meetings and debates continued in Dakar as part of the WSF held in February 2011, and later in (…)